Considering precision livestock farming, Unleash Your Herd’s Potential (2020–ongoing) takes cattle as an animal broken to the algorithm and addresses the issues of surveillance, exploitation and our relationship to nature by rendering cows and their environment using photogrammetry. Employing this 3D-scanning technique, originally developed for cartography and surveying, enables the representation of the subject as a cloud of information - the creation of an exploded view - while lending the images a unique, painterly appearance. As a result, the work is characterized by a 21st-century bucolic imagery in which the datafied existence of animals belongs to an increasingly technological landscape perceived through digital means.
Besides the images, the work comprises a collection of salt licks, providing a counterpoint by bringing in materiality and the agency of the cows. Manufactured as cubiform blocks, and given to the cows to gain essential nutritions, these mineral licks were shaped into anomalous, organic forms by the animals. Thus, these artefacts can be regarded as symbols of the rebellion against the endeavour to turn living beings into parameterized commodities.

Unleash Your Herd’s Potential was realized with the support of the Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Foundation, in the scope of the Pécsi József Photography Grant of the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary.