The Unit (2022) takes a radically human-centred, pragmatic and utilitarian perspective to its extreme, and boils down a cow into a mere milk-producing unit. It stages an 'ideal', 3D-printed udder, created based on zoometric studies and photogrammetric scans of real-life cows' bodies. The synthetic organ is suspended in a metal framework, scaled to the container box of an average Holstein Friesian cattle. Installed on the hillslope of Szent György-hegy at the border of a nature reserve area in South West Hungary, the work reflects on humankind's relationship to its environment and brings the notions of nature, cultivation, mass production, and dystopia into play.
The work was commissioned by The Institute of Advanced Design Studies for the exhibition Monuments to Impermanence and created within the framework of the Umwelt Art & Science Summer Academy, a project supported by the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program.